Jan 31, 2009

The Trials - Take Two

I tried the white a few days ago, but not having the sushi I wanted, I ended up trying it with a Japanese dessert. It was a green tea and cherry blossom youkan, usually enjoyed with matcha (traditional green tea). It would be a bit sweet for the match, but it was worth a try.

The nose was a pleasant, somewhat strong mineraly bouquet, with a hint of buttery vanilla. Not unlike a chardonnay or some of the more expressive sauvignon blancs. It smells sweet. (I'm not surprised -- our nation has a big sweet tooth, although how the women here keep their waifish physique is beyond me.)

The body is medium to light, with a rich aftertaste and medium finish. It's got personality; a rather piquant elegance to begin with, easy on the finish. And not surprisingly, it reminds me of sake. All in all, not a slam dunk favorite, but definitely would not complain if we could make this kind of wine.

Unfortunately, I do not generally drink whites. The good news is, I will now have a lot of time to rectify this.

Today, I bought a sashimi plate (very local -- Tsukiji is only minutes away!). If I may digress, the plate was ¥800 (~$8.80) at the local fish shop, and it was far better than any sashimi I've had in the US, except perhaps the ultra-high end in NYC. That is one of the benefits of living so close to the center of the fish world. It makes me more than a bit worried that this may end soon.

Back to the wine. It was lovely with the salmon. A bit too strong for the hamachi. Sublime with squid. But the maguro (tuna) was too hearty for it, and it flattened out in protest. I suggest it with lighter fish, not too delicate and not too robust. It is hearty enough to have with light, non-chocolate desserts. Lemon chiffon or custard pudding, for instance.

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